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Hi there! I’m Felicia.

I’m pleased to meet you. Thank you for checking out my page!

I am a plant-based chef specializing in allergy-friendly and vegan cooking; as well as vegetarians and pescatarians.

My goal is to help you make healthier food choices for yourself, your families, and maybe even, your friends.

I am not a nutritionist, health coach or doctor. What I am is extremely passionate about what I do.

I went to the “school of hard knocks”, so to speak, as I’ve garnered a couple titles I didn’t ask for: Cancer Survivor and Widow, before the age of 50.

My story may not be unique but my vision is fast becoming the norm as healthier food alternatives are more readily available and as I’ve listened to many peoples’ stories, fears, and, honestly, their joys, too!

To me, food is meant to be a loving, nourishing and shared experience and to be able to incorporate these principles into the simple act of cooking takes away the insecurities so many of us have when cooking for ourselves and loved ones.

And, THAT, is what I want to bring to you!

I am licensed, certified and insured, as well as allergy trained and a member of the United States Personal Chef Association.

Felicia McIntosh

Felicia McIntosh

Owner/Licensed Personal Chef

How It Works

1. We connect on a call

We have a quick discussion about the types of foods and flavors you enjoy and any food allergies or health concerns you have.

2. Customize your menu

We review the sample menu I put together and you let me know if there are certain ingredients you want to use. 

3. I do all the work 

Really. I shop, prep, cook, and portion with my own equipment in your home. Then I leave you with directions and a spotless kitchen!

4. Sit back & relax! 

Savor and enjoy the meals that have been prepared just for you so that you can get back to the things that matter. 

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